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  • Subway Surfers: Next Stop - Hawaii!

    02/13/2015 04:37 am - The Subway Surfers are travelling around the globe in this fun mobile title, where players quite literally surf on top of the trains in popular tourist destinations. An interesting choice of hobby to say the least, but nonetheless it does makes for s...more

  • Smite: Unlock Code Giveaway for Janus and Jandroid Skin

    02/12/2015 07:49 am - What do you do when playing your favorite god in Smite becomes a bit stale? Change things up with a new skin, of course! Thankfully, Hi-Rez Studios (Tribes: Ascend) keeps introducing new costumes and outfits for their pantheon of champions and heroes...more

  • DotA 2: New Bloom Festival Adds New Hero

    02/12/2015 05:28 am - Whenever winter gives its all one last time before spring kicks in, the guys and girls over at Valve bring the New Bloom Festival to their free-to-play MOBA Dota 2. This annual event celebrates the end of winter and the slow approach of a new season...more

  • Slide Fight and Survivor Squad: New ZeptoLab Apps on the Way

    02/12/2015 05:01 am - First My Om Nom, then King of Thieves. And now? Another two brand-new games, apparently! ZeptoLab seems to be on a roll these days, releasing one new mobile game after the other to keep the community happy. Every new app is different than the last...more

  • Temple Run 2: Valentine's Day Update Introduces Bruce Lee

    02/12/2015 04:39 am - It’s amazing to see how games adapt to fit in with a public holiday like Valentine's Day, especially when the game is themed so differently. Particularly in title’s like Temple Run 2, where you...more

  • Dizzel: OGPlanet Shuts Down Free Action Shooter

    02/11/2015 07:41 am - Beta phases are usually a way for developers to find out what it is they need to fix and change for a wary community to turn into a bunch of happy gamers. Sometimes, though, these early testing stages turn out to be the straw that broke the...more

  • Big Break Poker - Slash Hold’em: New Mobile Card Game by Aeria Games

    02/11/2015 05:53 am - There used to be a time when poker players had to either go to a casino or invite friends over to their house to play a round of their favorite card game. Naturally, this usually meant that actually playing a round of Texas Hold’em and Co. was...more

  • Battlestar Galactica Online: Gifting Its Players a Big Birthday Bundle!

    02/11/2015 05:34 am - We here at love it when there’s a game’s birthday, because us loyal players always get tons of presents, as is the case with Battlestar Galactica Online. Fans of spaceship games will not want to miss out on this anniversary gift. Use...more

  • Empire - Four Kingdoms: Strengthen Alliances with New Patch

    02/11/2015 04:39 am - With Valentine’s Day only three days away, it’s nice to hear of an update that doesn't involve hearts, roses, and love gardens, like that of Forge of Empires. The guys and gals over at Goodgame Studios, also known for Shadow Kings and Goodgame Empire...more

  • Heroes of the Storm: Lost Vikings and Ranked Play News

    02/11/2015 03:45 am - Back in 1992, the Lost Vikings graced the screens of many a gamer. Erik, Baleog and Olaf were the main protagonists in one of Blizzard Entertainment’s first games and now, the trio has made its return in Heroes of the Storm. That’s right: Players can...more

  • Spooky Pop: Going Offline in One Month

    02/10/2015 06:49 am - Almost exactly two months ago, the guys and girls over at Supercell (the studio behind Clash of Clans) soft-launched their upcoming match-3 action game called Spooky Pop. Soft-launching in the world of mobile games is comparable to beta testing in...more

  • Anno Online: A Whopping Great Big Valentine's Day Event

    02/10/2015 04:51 am - The free-to-play RTS that is Anno Online has gone Valentine’s Day crazy in what seems to be the largest love inspired event so far. We have already seen heart-shaped offerings from Trials Frontier and Forge of Empires, but not quite as in-your-face...more

  • Shadow Realms: BioWare Shuts Down Development

    02/10/2015 04:49 am - It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Electronic Arts, seeing as how Dawngate was shut down for good and layoffs in the Montreal office were announced. Now, another piece of bad news has hit the popular game studio: Shadow Realms, one of the team’s...more

  • Trove: New Content with Take Flight Update Today

    02/10/2015 03:34 am - The vast voxel universe of Trove is about to expand a little further with the impending release of the Take Flight update. As previously mentioned, players of the free-to-play MMO can look forward to trying a new class - the Shadow Hunter - and...more

  • Stormblades: Kiloo Announces New Action Mobile Game

    02/09/2015 07:30 am - Kiloo seems to be on a roll and apparently has no plan of stopping anytime soon: Just a few months ago, the studio released a brand-new game by the name of Smash Champs. Now, the team is ready to unveil another project: Stormblades, a hack’n’slash...more

  • Forge of Empires: Gearing Up for Valentine's Day Special

    02/09/2015 06:58 am - This Valentine's Day, Cupid is not only bringing his trusty bow and arrow, spreading love to the many happy couples worldwide, but he is also ensuring that the more lonesome of souls are not left bemused by their relationship woes, but rather feeling...more

  • Heroes of Camelot: Big New Update Introduces Global Arenas

    02/09/2015 05:38 am - Check out this big new patch for Heroes of Camelot, an RPG style card battling game which takes you into a world ruled by Medieval mythological creatures. It’s an interesting concept, bringing elements of a novel trading card game to a computer title...more

  • Weekly Update: Sony Online Entertainment’s Name Change and More

    02/07/2015 04:00 am - We here at don’t often report on the economic side of the gaming industry. But every once in a while, something happens that sparks our interest. Game companies have massive lay-offs, acquire other companies, or team up with each...more

  • Trivia Crack: Now the Most Downloaded Game Worldwide!

    02/06/2015 06:06 am - Every studio releases a game with the hope of it becoming the most downloaded game worldwide. Candy Crush Soda Saga held the top spot for a while (which comes as no surprise) and even My Talking Angela, which is about a talking cat, has been gracing...more

  • Family Guy - The Quest for Stuff: Free Valentine’s Day Event Launched

    02/06/2015 05:42 am - The kitschiest holiday of the year has arrived in the wacky world of Quahog. Don’t worry about things getting too sentimental, however. We have learned from past events such as Christmas, Halloween, and the Comic-Con update that things are just bound...more

  • King of Thieves: Mobile Release Closer Than You Might Think

    02/06/2015 04:46 am - We weren’t kidding around when we mentioned that ZeptoLab would soon announce a release date for their new project, King of Thieves. Thanks to a recent post on Facebook (thank you, social media), it has now been officially confirmed that the mobile...more

  • Trials Frontier: Huge New Valentine's Day Update

    02/06/2015 04:43 am - Okay, so motocross is not the most romantic of hobbies, but hey, who are we to judge. If motorbikes hold a place in your heart equal to that of your loved ones, or perhaps you’re feeling lonesome and want to take your anger out on the dirt track, the...more

  • Gigantic: Two New Heroes Make the Cut

    02/06/2015 03:00 am - The key ingredient to making a successful MOBA is having fun gameplay mechanics and a diverse cast of heroes for players to choose from. Motiga seems to currently be working superhard on implementing both in their upcoming free online game, Gigantic...more

  • Frozen Free Fall: Melt Hearts in 30 Lovely New Levels

    02/05/2015 08:16 am - If there’s one character out of recent Disney movies that knows all about love, it’s Olaf. The peppy little snowman is ready to play Cupid once again, only this time it’s not between Anna and Kristoff, but between players and Frozen Free Fall...more

  • Pokémon Trading Card Game Online: New Update and Tournaments

    02/05/2015 06:12 am - A lot of things are happening in Pokémon TCG Online: Not only is there a brand-new game update to explore called the Primal Clash expansion, but there’s also its first tournament to participate in, starting today. Let us give you a quick round-up...more

  • Little Raiders - Robin's Revenge: Update with a Big New Boss

    02/05/2015 06:00 am - This cute RPG is being updated with lots of new features to keep all raiders occupied. Ubisoft (Anno Online, Silent Hunter Online) is going all-out with this free-to-play title’s new patch, introducing new quests and missions, among many other...more

  • Despicable Me - Minion Rush: New Levels with Valentine's Day Update

    02/05/2015 05:26 am - Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and that can only mean one thing: Love is in the air! Not only in real life, but also mobile games everywhere. To celebrate the occasion, Gameloft (Spider-Man: Unlimited) has prepared a new update for...more

  • SpongeBob Moves In: Valentine’s Day Carnival Is Coming to Town

    02/05/2015 05:16 am - Love is in the air (or should we say in the water?) in Bikini Bottom. Valentine’s Day is coming up, in case you haven’t noticed. There are heart-shaped chocolates, balloons, and lots of pink cards everywhere you look. Even the preferred mobile world...more

  • Boom Beach: Hot New Update - Flame Wars!

    02/05/2015 04:40 am - Fans of strategy games like Clash of Clans and Shadow Kings might want to avert their eyes from their mobile devices for two seconds and check out what's going down in Boom Beach! It looks like things are about to get whole lot hotter with the...more

  • Candy Crush Soda Saga: More Levels and a Stickylicious New Feature!

    02/04/2015 04:38 am - We all knew this match-3 game would go from strength to strength, what with the success of it’s predecessor, Candy Crush Saga. It has almost identical gameplay, where players must join 3 or more of the candies in order to progress, except release in...more

  • Trove: Take Flight Update Brings Wings and New Hunter Class

    02/04/2015 03:33 am - A new update for Trove is due this month and slowly, Trion Worlds is releasing more and more information on what’s to come. Apart from the usual bug fixes, players can expect a handful of new features that will change the free-to-play MMO forevermore...more

  • Star Wars - Commander: It’s a Trap - New Game Update Released

    02/03/2015 09:03 am - The battle of the X-Wings against TIE-Fighters is going into the next round! At least in Disney’s Stars Wars: Commander which has just gotten a brand-new game update. For the first time in the mobile game, players will have the chance to set traps in...more

  • Sonic Runners: Free Mobile Game Coming Soon

    02/03/2015 07:03 am - Sega’s jump and run mascot has certainly become an iconic presence on pretty much every platform. With the increased popularity of mobile devices, Sonic the Hedgehog has become a staple on iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones and tablets as well...more

  • Hearthstone: World Championship Details Announced

    02/03/2015 06:01 am - Hearthstone is all fun and games - until you dive into the competitive world of Ranked Play, that is. Here, players try their hardest to reach legendary status and take each other out in cutthroat card duels. Then, every year, the cream of the crop...more

  • Sony Online Entertainment: New Dawn as Daybreak Game Company

    02/03/2015 04:34 am - Whenever John Smedley starts tweeting, you just know he’ll be up to new shenanigans. Yesterday, his social media activities caused quite the stir, as the president of Sony Online Entertainment announced that the game studio was sold to Columbus Nova...more

  • Evolve - Hunters Quest: Free-to-Play Mobile Game Released

    02/02/2015 09:16 am - Only one more week until fans of science-fiction shooters can finally delve into Evolve, 2K Games’ upcoming FPS for consoles and PCs. The downside about that AAA game? It will only be available for purchase. In case you want to jump into the Evolve...more

  • Nosgoth: New Classes, Maps and Features in 2015

    02/02/2015 08:23 am - New Year’s resolutions are a global phenomenon. With every year that's coming to an end, most people make plans for what they wish to see change in the next following twelve months. Game developers are no different than us mere mortals, as they too...more

  • Vainglory: Ardan Joins as New MOBA Hero

    02/02/2015 05:27 am - Every MOBA these days, whether it's League of Legends or Strife, has a unique set of heroes that players can choose from when heading to the battlefield. Some are excellent damage dealers, others are adept supporters that will aid their allies with...more

  • Weekly Update: The Decline of the Rising Generals

    01/31/2015 04:50 am - This week, we here at were quite surprised by an announcement made by InnoGames concerning one of their upcoming browser games. Aside from that the week saw a relaunch and a big game update which required some downtime. Read on...more

  • Tera: Explore the Skies with Next Free Update

    01/30/2015 07:45 am - Not too long ago, Tera players could rejoice over the game’s latest expansion. Fate of Arun introduced several new goodies to the free-to-play online game, including a higher level cap, another continent and both new dungeons and battlegrounds...more