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Dive into this fantasy city building game and explore the world in search of valuable resources. Construct beautiful... to game

  • Elvenar
  • Sparta: War of Empires
  • Tanki Online
  • League of Angels
  • Grepolis
  • Echo of Soul

Dive into this fantasy city building game and explore the world in search of valuable resources. Construct beautiful... to game

Charge into battle with the help of King Leonidas and his troops to take out Xerxes once and for all! There’s no... to game

Epic tank battles await you in this all-out warzone. Test your skills and take on enemies head-to-head in this... to game

Whether you roam this fantasy world just to help the angels gain back what’s rightfully theirs or to fight against... to game

Follow the footsteps of Alexander the Great, Odysseus, or Helen of Troy. This browser game features a stunning... to game

Venture out into the unknown and level up a new fantasy hero in this free-to-play MMORPG. Collecting souls will be... to game

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Online Games on

There’s no easy way to define what makes online games. While the term “online game” is entirely self-explanatory (a game that is played online), its meaning is in fact much broader than that and refers to a far larger spectrum of games than one may have originally assumed. Online games will require an internet connection (stating the obvious), and this ability to connect to the internet opens up a wealth of opportunities for a game, allowing for unique features and styles of gameplay. Plus, let’s not forget the multiplayer elements it brings to a title, especially when you consider that the whole world is online these days. Just imagine: a 7 billion strong PvP battle. It’s a reality that is closer than you might think.

Online games are gracing every corner of the web, from Facebook, to browser-based games, to mobile games. There is no escape! The more the games become reliant on the web, the more we see the internet riddled with intricate, well thought out game adverts that are plastered throughout social media, taking annoying advertising to a whole new level. Be warned, if we receive an invitation to play Candy Crush on Facebook one more time... (*shakes fists in anger*)


There are trends in online games and online gaming, which are continually fluctuating, making it hard to pinpoint exactly what the next big release will be or when it will emerge. Furthermore, with the new technologies that are coming out all the time, online games constantly update and adapt to keep up with their online competitors and to remain in the limelight. It’s quite incredible how popular some online games are becoming. One only has to look at the statistical figures for Clash of Clans to realise quite how big the online and mobile gaming industry actually is.

Everyone likes the word “free”

If a game is online, then it is more than likely to be free. However, don’t be fooled, because most free online games will push for in-game purchases that require real money. It is often possible, however, to play a free online game without paying anything, but one would have to play for a longer period of time and probably won’t have the same advantages compared with someone who has forked out their hard earned cash.

The Social Aspect

There are obvious social benefits to a game being played online, in that we can make friends and play with people from around the globe. Because of this, we can often form alliances and experience first-hand a multinational grouping of likeminded gamers, of all ages, races, and nationalities. Whether you are battling it out against other players or joining forces with them, we still get to engage in a form of social interaction that only online games can provide.

Types of Games that are Online

There is no way of listing every type of online game, as we would be here for hours, but we can certainly split online games into their popular categories:

There are many other categories of games to consider, but these are without a doubt the most popular. Some games can have millions of players, with hundreds of thousands all playing at once, bringing to light the capabilities of online games.

What are browser games?

At you will find quite a number of free browser games. Browser games are computer games which typically can be played without any installation on your computer and at any place or time.

All you need to play is a web browser and access to the internet. Once you have registered on the game page, you can log on with your username and password from any computer and continue with your game. There are many different types of browser games. Most games you can play without investing too much time a day. There are games, however, in which you need to play several hours a day if you want to be successful.

Find your favourite Game

To make things easy, the games in our database are divided into nine main genres. Under 'Strategy', smart players and amateur strategists can find tricky games that require quick thinking. In RPG, you can slip into the role of a hero, discover many exciting worlds and fight against monsters and other players. In the category Simulation you find both social networks where you meet new people, and economic simulations which are very realistic. Our Sports games include all sorts of sports games such as soccer manager games, golf simulations and many more. Action-packed combat awaits you in the genre Shooter. You slip into the role of a mercenary or soldier and try to lead your team to victory on the battlefield. The genre ‘Racing’ offers you the chance to grab the steering wheel of some of the most powerful vehicles in the world and prove your skills. Action games, on the other hand are fast, action-packed games that are kind of intense.

Do you want to play an online game? Look through our huge database that is packed with fun and exciting games. Under every game description you will find a link that takes you directly to the game page. All games can be played for free. That way, you can check out as many games as you want until you find your favorite.